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Try out all our Adult Diapers we currently have available.Currently up to 166 different Di.. Absorin Comfort Pants Super, Cotton Feel. Disposable Incontinence Pants made of soft, breathable, elastic material, which perfectly match the.. A high quality adult diaper with fun & attractive city print on plastic backing, soft high quali.

Jul 02, 2008 · Pretty babyish for an adult diaper, although. it's still a four tape design. So -- I'd recommend to anyone who wants a real disposable diaper that also works quite well for its This is a clone of the Absorin diaper available in parts of Europe. which some people may have heard about. But now we can get diapers like this in the U.S! The only.

Jul 16, 2017 · Dry 24/7 leak through the plastic cover. ID Slips are good but the only drink a lot and survive 16 hours diaper is any better brand with a good baby diaper as a suffer/booster. It has been my experience that most baby diapers hold way more pee without press out than most adult diapers.

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