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In this guide, we will consider some important facts surrounding acne after menopause as well as ways of dealing with such perimenopause acne. Trigger factors of adult acne after menopause: Hormones – Fluctuating hormones lead to various negative effects on the aging skin and typically, with the hormonal fluctuations, one tends to see acne flare ups, mood swings, food cravings and so on.

If you are experiencing menopause acne, you will need to be a little more attentive to your diet. Higher fibre and calcium is required with lower fat and carbohydrates. Experts in the field state that your daily calorie intake should be made up of the following: .

If you have mostly the deeper cysts, topical treatment won’t help much because the creams, lotions, etc can’t really get down to the level of the problem. Treatment Options for Menopause and Acne. The main treatment options for acne in menopause are: Topicals that are over-the-counter; Prescription topicals; Oral prescription medications.

Nov 09, 2012 · Medical Treatments for Adult Acne. Typically, menopausal acne is a temporary condition that goes away once a woman settles into postmenopausal hormone levels. But sometimes the discomfort and cosmetic impact of acne is severe enough to prompt a woman to seek medical attention. Among the most popular options are: Hormone therapy.