Part 2 - Kim's Story - The Babysitter - adult babysitting spanking story


Babysitter Spanked - BDSM - adult babysitting spanking story

Part 2 - Kim's Story - The Babysitter. By Adrianne Bloom [email protected] I was intrigued to see the effect of a spanking on a naughty boy. Perhaps I felt that, when I became a mother, this was something that I might have to do myself and would thereby learn from the experience. The pattern of babysitting resumed at four or five.

Mar 24, 2010 · The spanking went on for at least half an hour. She repeatedly told me she was sorry for having to do it but that she had no choice and that I had to learn that I couldn't do what I had just done. By the time she stopped I was sobbing.4.7/5(33).

Coed babysitter gets a spanking. Fantasies of a Babysitter Ch. 01 Now you might think that it is odd that someone as old as I am still babysitting. The truth is I'm good at it. I'm dependable, take good care of the kids and am usually always available, even with short notice. I could get a job at school, fast food or retail, but I find.

Denise was our baby-sitter. A very nice girl. She first sat for us when she was around fifteen and four years later we're still using her. Not for very much longer though, I suspect.