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Mar 30, 2017 · An adult boxer is medium-sized with flat body and normally coming in fawn, brindle, with or without white marking and black mask. In this article, we’ll describe the distinguished characteristics of the adult boxers along with some caring instructions recommended for keeping the adult boxer dog.Author: John.

Boxers are stocky, muscular and powerful. Males grow to about 25 inches and weigh from about 65 to 80 pounds (30 to 36 kilograms); females grow from about 21 to 25 inches and weigh from about 50 to 65 pounds (22 to 30 kilograms). Boxers have regal, distinctly shaped square heads. Their jaw is undershot and the muzzle blunt.

Available Dogs. Below are some of the Boxers that are currently available. Read each bio very carefully, as not every Boxer is suited for every home. If you feel that a certain Boxer is a good match, and wish to be considered for adoption, you can note three Boxer’s names on the adoption application.