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5 Awesome Lunch Box Ideas for Adults Perfect for Work! adult lunch box ideas

Jun 09, 2016 · You are going to love these creative 8 Wholesome Lunch-Box Ideas for Adults and Kids alike, that go way beyond your typical deli sandwich! Use some fresh fruits and veggies when trying these adult lunch box ideas! Easy Make-Ahead Lunch-Box Recipes.

Packing meals for a long work day? A round-up of some of the best posts featuring healthy adult lunch box ideas. [ ] Jeff Penley says: January 8, 2017 at 11:52 am. Yeah, sounds awesome. If you could go ahead and make this happen, like just send me a weeks Worth. Every week, thanks.

After all, we all have to eat lunch every day, but there’s no reason it has to be the same lunch every day. Sure, it’s easy to keep packing the same old turkey sandwich and apple and chips, Monday through Friday-but then one day, after three weeks straight of the same thing, you can find yourself pulling out that box at lunch time and.

You know it's true: any tasty lunch you make for yourself will taste 500% better than some icky salad or sad sandwich you would grab from the office cafeteria. Save money and save yourself from a #saddesklunch by making one of these easy not-your-kid's-lunch-box ideas.