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During a mealworm’s last molt it will turn into a white alien-like pupa. It has no mouth or anus so does not eat. It does have leg and wing buds, but they do not function. The pupa is quite helpless and the only movement it can do is wiggle. This stage of life will last one to three weeks as the pupa transforms its organs and body into an adult. Adult.

Aug 20, 2015 · Note: An adult mealworm is known as the Darkling beetle. Lifespan of a Mealworm. A female beetle will lay up to five hundred eggs during her short lifetime of a couple of months. After a couple of weeks, the eggs will hatch and become larvae – which we know as a mealworm. Its’ proper title is the yellow mealworm.

A mealworm is used to make tequila-flavored candies. It is not a pest, and hence are not a threat to the cereal plants. However, it thrives on the flour made from any cereal.Author: Pragya T.

The adult is from 12 to 25 mm long and is dark brown. Diet/Enemies: Both the adults and the larvae are scavengers that eat grains (hence the name mealworm) and some seedlings. Because of this, it is considered a pest. They also eat decaying material, like decomposing animals and dead plants.