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Community Services Supervision The Division is committed in applying Evidenced-Based Probation Practices to the case management of offenders in order to meet the needs of probationers, increase the likelihood of success, and positively impact public safety.

In addition to the services provided to defendants and probationers, the Adult Probation Department provides assistance to the victims of those who are on probation. Victims are often entitled to restitution, and our Victim Services Unit assists victims in obtaining necessary information to opt-in for important case-related notifications.

Adult Probation Department; Community Supervision and Corrections Department (Adult Probation Department) the court ordered conditions of community supervision and provide the offender with a wide range of rehabilitative services and resources. Community Supervision is the supervised release of a defendant within the community in lieu of.

Adult Probation is divided into two departments: Probation Intake & Probation Supervision unit. The CSO III supervises both the Intake and Supervision Departments. Probation Intake - This office is located in the Sedgwick County Courthouse and is designed to receive and process new probation cases. They also monitor interstate compact cases (probationers being supervised out of state).