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Adult Recreational Hockey League. The Adult Hockey Association is Minnesota's premier amateur adult hockey association for men and women. Our mission is two fold: To provide instruction to adults who want to learn to play the Coolest Game To foster safe, fun competition for adults who want to play no-check hockey.

Adult recreational hockey is an opportunity for thousands of Canadians to continue their involvement in the game and support a healthy lifestyle after their minor hockey or junior careers are complete. Adult Safe Hockey Leagues are available for all skill levels and schedules.

Adult League Information – Click Here. The coolest spot in the sun! Hertz Arena adult hockey league is one of the largest league(s) in the state with over 60 teams and over 700 participants playing in a structured well organized recreational league that operates year round.

EDMONTON, ALTA. -- One division. More than $25,000 in guaranteed prize money. You read that correctly. The River Cree Hockey League - an affiliate of the ASHL - is set to host the 5th edition of the RCHL Holiday READ MORE.