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Patrick M. Flynn, Ph.D. and Barry S. Brown, Ph.D. This paper explores the epidemiology of co-occurring disorders with an emphasis on the implications of study findings for the functioning and potential of substance abuse treatment. Severity of disorder is discussed as an issue that may have.

Addressing Substance Use Disorder in 2019: An Interprofessional Approach to Pain Management and Recovery 7-part series. The Mountain Plains ATTC partnered with University of North Dakota’s (UND) ECHO Clinic to create a seven-part ECHO series using an.

CIHS RESOURCES. Want more information on the integration of addiction treatment and primary care? Check out our issue of eSolutions on Integrating Substance Abuse and Primary Care Services.. Addressing substance use is critical to providing quality care in integrated treatment settings.

1/24/2014 4 Treatment of Co Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse – (Less than 10% receive it*) • 2.6 million adults had co-occurring SMI and substance use disorder.