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Brachial plexus injury in adults: Diagnosis and surgical treatment strategies brachial plexus injuries adults

Brachial plexus injury (BPI) is a severe peripheral nerve injury affecting upper extremities, causing functional damage and physical disability. The most common cause of adult BPI is a traffic accident, and the incidence has steadily increased since the 1980s.Author: Hye Ran Park, Gwang Soo Lee, Il Sup Kim, Jae-Chil Chang.

Adult post traumatic Brachial plexus injury is unfortunately a rather common injury in young adults. In India the most common scenario is of a young man injured in a motorcycle accident.

Any form of trauma that pushes your head away from your shoulder can stretch or tear the nerves of the brachial plexus. Various conditions may cause a brachial plexus injury in adults. They include: Vehicular accidents, especially motorcycle accidents. industrial accidents where a hand gets caught in a machine. Heavy objects falling onto the shoulders.

Rehabilitation of brachial plexus. injuries in adults and children. impairment of the upper limb and disability. It is. caused mainly by traumatic accidents resulting prin-cipally in traction forces, a wound or a compression of the plexus on the hard surface of the neighbour-ing .