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May 07, 2018 · How chickenpox can stop you from flying - even if you're feeling better: Everything you need to know about travelling on planes after the disease has struck Chickenpox is a .

Chickenpox causes an itchy, spotty rash and is a common illness that predominantly targets children. Who can get chickenpox? Most children will catch chickenpox at some point – and many parents actively encourage this at an early age – but it can also occur in adults who did not have it as a child.

Chicken pox can be a nasty illness, especially in adults or vulnerable people and he will be infectious until the last of the scabs has formed. Don't forget too that chicken pox can cause serious complications in early pregnancy, such as deformed foetus. Your grandchild could be sitting very near to a pregnant lady in a very confined space.

Aer Lingus – can you fly with chickenpox? Allowed to fly seven days after the appearance of first spot. British Airways. BA advises no travel until six days after the last spot appears. Sufferers will also need a GP’s letter stating they’re no longer infectious. EasyJet –can you fly with chickenpox?