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Nine Major Approved Apparitions church approved apparitions of the virgin mary

Marian apparitions are sometimes reported along with weeping statuesof the Virgin Mary. However, to date only one single example of acombined weeping statue and apparition (namely Our Lady of Akita) has been approved by the Vatican and the rest have usually been dismissed as hoaxes.

These are the nine major approved Marian apparitions of modern times, based on their acceptance by the Church and the importance they have assumed over time. (See, for example, the article "Apparitions" in Fr. Michael Carroll's Theotokos, A Theological Encyclopedia of the Blessed Virgin Mary, p.47).

The apparition site is one which has been approved by the Church. Apparitions in Tensta, Sweden. In 2012, several witnesses claimed to have seen Mary on the roof of their church, a Syrian Orthodox parish in Tensta, Sweden. Those who saw her said her appearance .

Jan 10, 2019 · For centuries, the Virgin Mary has appeared to the faithful, requesting devotion and promising comfort. These maps show the geography of Marian apparitions – the handful approved by Author: Frank Jacobs.