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sperm is stored in what is simply reffered to as the sperm duct at the end of the worm worms produce mucus like slime to exchange there sperm the rest is like a human.

The sperm that passes through the sperm ducts is not yet motile and therefore it must be transported through peristalsis with the help of the muscle tissue that lines the walls of the sperm ducts. When the sperm reaches the far end of the sperm ducts it can be stored in the ampulla (cavity or a dilated end of a duct) to await ejaculation.

Sperm is produced in the testes and enters the ejaculatory ducts via the vas deferens. As it passes by the seminal vesicles, a fluid rich in fructose combines with sperm. This addition nourishes the sperm in order to keep it active and motile.FMA: 19325.

The male reproductive system The male reproductive system includes the testes (say "test-eez"), prostate glands, sperm ducts, urethra and penis (P). Sperm duct During mating, sperm cells that have been released pass through the sperm ducts. Testes There are .