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Apr 27, 2019 · A student or child with deafness or hard-of-hearing disabilities has deficits in language and speech development due to a diminished or lack of auditory response to sound. Students will demonstrate varying degrees of hearing loss which often results in difficulty acquiring spoken language.

Hearing Loss in Adults Hearing loss in adulthood is a somewhat different psychological picture. A distinction can be made between psychological symptoms of early- and late-onset hearing loss in adults, although individuals in both groups commonly report anger, denial, isolation, social withdrawal, fatigue, and depression.Cited by: 7.

16.4% of adults experience some hearing difficulty (NHIS ‘04) 1 million people are functionally deaf (Mitchell, 2006) Of U.S. adults who are deaf: 17.1% lost their hearing before age 19 6.6% lost their hearing before age 3 (NHIS 1990-1991).

BJC Behavioral Health offers mental health case management, counseling services including dialectical behavior therapy, and telecounseling for adult and children who are deaf or hard of hearing. To set up an appointment to be evaluated: phone -- (v) 314.729.4004. toll-free -- 877.729.4004.