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Mar 16,  · That's because after a vasectomy, you'll no longer be able to get your partner pregnant. How soon can I have sex after a vasectomy? The sensation of ejaculation during an orgasm Author: Tim Jewell.

Apr 21,  · Answered by Wayne B. Glazier, MD, FACS. I recommend you wait at least one week after your vasectomy. Then, as long as you are healed and have no .

Some doctors recommend waiting a week, other doctors recommend a couple days, while others say you can start having sex as soon as you feel physically able. We talk about it at length in our article on how long you need to wait until sex after a vasectomy, but most doctors recommend waiting a week before having intercouse. However, there are a.

During oral sex, my girlfriend now tells me I actually ejaculate more after the vasectomy, so much that she is unable to swallow it in one gulp. The feelings I am receiving after the vasectomy are much more intense and I believe it can be attributed to the elimination of the pregnancy fear.