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Any age adult can have a disability or need for an adult bib. Adult bibs for a lobster bake or any sloppy adventure are bound to be a hit. Mass produce adult bibs for a party, for charity or for someone with impairments that make a bib a much-needed item. of 14. Sewing.org offers .

unlike a typical adult bib, or the use of a kitchen towel upon one's front..but for its practicality. It's simply made of a few pieces of fabric, a simple pattern and a little trim. And it can be opened and closed with a simple velcro closure in the back. And furthermore, it's actually two patterns in one!

How to Make Bibs for the Elderly. Chain 2 and turn. Work half-double crochets across, chain 2 and turn. Work four rows of half-couble crochet and chain 3 to turn after the last one. Repeat Step 3 for two double crochets in each stitch across. Repeat Step 5 three more times or until the bib .

Jun 04, 2011 · Adult Bib – With Love. I cut my fabric to the following dimensions – 36 L x 30 W Put the wrong sides together and fold in half lengthwise, pin if you feel the need (I didn’t). Grab a large bowel (10″ works great) to create the neck hole. Place the middle of the bowl at the center of the fold. Trace around the bowl and cut out.Author: Kim Conner.