- inhaled nitric oxide post bypass adult


inhaled nitric oxide post bypass adult

May 29, 2009 · Nitric oxide (NO) is an endogenous mediator of vascular tone and host defence. Inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) results in preferential pulmonary vasodilatation and lowers pulmonary vascular resistance. The route of administration delivers NO selectively to ventilated lung units so that its effect Cited by: 77.

CLINICAL POLICY Inhaled Nitric Oxide Page 4 of 9 the four randomized trials reviewed, there was no difference found in mortality or other outcomes reviewed. Due to the minimal data that was available, the authors found it difficult to.

Inhaled nitric oxide in cardiac surgery: Evidence or tradition? level of current agreement on significant recommendations made by the European expert panel on the clinical use of inhaled nitric oxide in adult cardiac surgery. A. Thanopoulos, P. Rellia, D. Zarkalis, et al.Inhaled nitric oxide plus iloprost in the setting of post-left Cited by: 12.

Dose response to nitric oxide in adult cardiac surgery patients The use of vasoactive drugs in the post-bypass period did not significantly differ among the groups G.A. Iotti, M.C. Olivei, A. Palo, C. Galbusera, R. Veronesi, A. BraschiAcute effects of inhaled Cited by: 54.