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Introduction on Getting the Best Adult Tricycle. In this Best Adult Tricycle Reviews, the top models from reliable brands have been handpicked just for you. Trikes have varied wheel sizes, styles and designs, built-in features and there’s the folding type among many other things to consider.

It just so happens that it is the most expensive model on our adult tricycle list. That being said, we believe the Tristar is well worth its hefty price tag. The Tristar is a solid tricycle with lots of features that enhance both comfort and performance. We also love that it Author: Ron.

Aug 18, 2019 · Making The Most Out Of Your 3-Wheeled Transportation. Most people think of an adult tricycle as a convenient way to get from point A to B. While this makes sense, an adult tricycle can also be used as a utility. Its three-wheeled design makes it ideal for hitching a small cart or a wagon to its rear.

Trailmate brings us the DeSoto 20″ adult tricycle. This is Trailmate’s most popular adult tricycle. Being in the business for over 40 years, Trailmate knows their trikes and bikes so this is a brand name you can trust. This is a bonus right off the bat. Secondly, this is an American made adult tricycle which is definitely a bonus for some.