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Wearing plastic gloves when using cleaning products or whenever handling chemicals can minimize the chance of chemical burns, as can properly storing chemicals in a secure enclosed area. Fire-Proof Home. In order to keep an elderly adult’s home fire-safe, it is important that the home is well maintained and properly cared for.Author: Delialah Falcon, ND.

Burns can be serious injuries at any age. Teenagers and adults are at risk for many different kinds of serious burn injuries. The following information shows the common causes of burns in teens and adults and the steps that can be taken to prevent the most common types of burns.

BURN SAFETY AND PREVENTION FOR OLDER ADULTS BURN SAFETY WITH YOUNG CHILDREN VISITING OR LIVING IN THE HOME • Keep young children away from the stove, oven, BBQ, and microwave when in use. • Make sure hot food and drinks have cooled before giving them to a child or placing them within the child’s reach.

You can't keep kids free from injuries all the time, but these simple safety tips can help prevent burns and fires in your home: In General. Prevent house fires by making sure you have a smoke alarm on every level of your home and in each bedroom. Check these monthly and change the batteries twice a year.