- scar tissue after adult circumcision


scar tissue after adult circumcision

Mar 07, 2018 · Any circumcision scar you develop depends on several factors, including: Scar tissue. Skin around an incision may harden or thicken. This scar tissue may not Author: Kimberly Holland.

Appearance. The scar, which completely encircles the shaft of the penis, is located at the boundary of the shaft skin and the inner foreskin remnant, which is the portion of the foreskin that was not removed during circumcision. This foreskin remnant is mucosa that lies between the glans and the circumcision scar, which results in dissimilar tissue healing together.

Scar revision in coronal sulcus area? After an adult circumcision, I have been left with an unsightly scar between the corona and the shat, in the sulcus area, about 1 inch long. Presently, II .

I have recently had a revision circumcision as the first time I had a circumcision due to tight foreskin done which was around 10 years ago it was quite a poor job, it looked messy and untidy and the scar on the top side of the penis below the glans was tender and painful. After years of just putting up with it I decided to get it done again.