Training Sheltie Ears - sheltie train adult ears


sheltie train adult ears

Taping Sheltie Ears. I find taping sheltie ears easier once the dog has grown a little and the ear is big enough to handle with tape. Most use moleskin. I find using Leukotape P Sports Tape to be thinner, handle a little easier and doesn't need additional glue to stick to the ear.

The Process of Gluing Sheltie Ears. There are a number of different ways to "train" sheltie puppies' ears to have the correct position and carriage as adult dogs. We have tried several different methods during our over 28-year involvement with the breed.

Apr 25, 2018 · The problem is she’s ganna be cute no matter what as a puppy I just can’t foresee her as an adult wheather point would still be cute on her or if I’d prefer floppy ears but at that point it’d be too late to train her ears I think Ps I don’t know how to post media on here but you can see my baby on Instagram @YukiTheShetie.

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