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Slow-Pitch Softball League Rules; Team Roster & Waiver; Register Online; All teams must provide one official USSSA game ball per game. Only the Classic 'M' ball will be used for all leagues. Registration Deadline is a week before the start date. Once the deadline has passed, schedules will .

The needs of an adult slow pitch softball player differ from that of their younger counterparts. Players older than 15 generally choose a bat that is at least 33-inches in length. Weight and height are often better indicators of bat size. Most bats are weighed in ounces, with a length-to-weight ratio of -4 or -6.

Slow pitch emerged as a popular division within USA Softball in the early 1950's. Added to USA Softball's Championship program in 1953, at the National level, USA Softball annually conducts.

Adult Slow Pitch Softball Leagues. Slow pitch softball leagues are offered during the spring, summer, fall and winter seasons. Divisions offered include Men’s D/E, Co-ed C/D. Games are played Monday through Friday, for a 5-week doubleheader season (10 games total). Fee required.