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Adult literacy support. Teach reading to adults. Phonics and basic English course. Teach the phonic facts and syllable division. Adults can learn to read with confidence. Works for ALL English accents. A phonic stories book for adults mirrors the teaching order of the phonics course and makes reading fun.

Requirements for Teaching Adult Literacy Classes. Learn about the education and preparation needed to become an adult literacy teacher. Get a quick view of the degree program requirements as well.

What Are the Duties of an Adult Literacy Teacher? Literacy involves all aspects of reading, including spelling and grammar. As an adult literacy teacher, you teach students how to read in addition to teaching writing, basic English language skills, vocabulary and speech. You are part of the support Degree Required: Bachelor's degree at minimum; a master's degree or graduate certificate is preferred.

Jul 29, 2016 · I'd like to become an adult literacy teacher. How do I qualify? ‘Teaching literacy was so rewarding, I’m wondering how to do it again.’ There must be a way to train and then teach Author: Guardian Staff.