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troop adult committee agenda

Troop Committee Challenge may be delivered indoors or in an outdoor setting—there are no requirements for electronic presentations to present the course. Troop Committee Challenge is also intended to be delivered in a small-group setting of between six to eight participants, similar to how a troop committee functions.

Suggested Troop Committee Meeting Agenda Reports from troop committee members (2 to 3 minutes each) SCOUTMASTER —Troop progress —Actions of patrol leaders’ council —Disciplinary problems and attendance —Youth leader and adult volunteer opportunities for training.

Troop Meeting Agenda It’s been said that the weekly troop meeting is the glue that holds a Scout troop together. From beginning to end, there should always be something happening creating a focus, capturing and maintaining the Scouts’ attention, and providing the grounds for rewarding experiences.

Troop Leader's Meeting Agenda DD/MM/YYYY. Call to order/attendance. Review minutes of last Troop Committee meeting and report on open action items. Readout from District Round Table Meeting. Scoutmaster Report. Treasury Committee Report. Fundraising Committee Report.