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The University, however, reserves the right to change course descriptions and schedules without prior notice. The provisions of this listing do not constitute an express or implied contract between the University and any member of the student body, faculty or general public.

Continuing Studies is a non-degree status that allows you to take up to 24 credits. Credits may be transferred to an academic program at UofL, if you are admitted to a degree program. Continuing Studies students fully participate in all aspects of courses including assignments, discussions and exams.

Campus Visits for Transfer & Adult Students We are excited for your interest in the University of Louisville! The Office of Transfer & Adult Services offers a campus visit program specifically for prospective transfer and adult students. All visits include an admissions presentation followed by a walking tour of campus.

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program provides free classes for nonnative English speakers who desire to become more proficient in the English language. Are you interested in part-time work as an instructor or instructional assistant with JCPS Adult and Continuing Education? Please visit the JCPS Job List for Adult Education.