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Millions of young adults have entered the workforce with no more than a high school diploma young adult in the work force

Jan 31, 2018 · One in three young adults go to work rather than school, but few have college degrees However, larger numbers of the not-in-school group are working: 33 percent of all young adults Author: Martha Ross, Nicole Bateman.

Twenty-seven percent of young workers report that the highest degree completed is a high school diploma or GED. Among young people in the workforce, 30 percent had a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Similar to the young population as a whole, the young workforce is attaining higher levels of education.

Young Adult Services Workforce Solutions offers young people a wealth of opportunities to get their future started on the right foot. Whether you are in school, have finished or have left school, we can help you. Summer Opportunities for Youth.

Ken Whiting is an industry expert on providing solutions for entry-level workforce challenges. His WAVES for Success program teaches companies what inspires young adults and teens to participate, contribute and excel at work. His new book, “WAVES for Teenage Workforce Success,” provides insights on recruiting, motivating and retaining.Author: Noria Corporation.