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Ants from Asia. Established in April 2010. Specializing in supplying exotic. tropical ants and termites. * Our business aim is to offer for sale a. selection of exotic ant / termite species - for. hobbyists of all levels from beginners to. experienced keepers.

Asian needle ants can also be distinguished from other ants because they have an inability to cling to smooth surfaces like glass. By carefully capturing an Asian needle ant in a glass jar, one can observe that, unlike other ants that will climb the sides of the jar, the Asian needle ant will make a few futile attempts to climb before confining.

There's a new invasive ant species on the block and it could mean big trouble for people and the environment. The Asian needle ant has been in the U.S. since the 1930s, but their population has exploded in the past 8 years. These stinging ants are spreading rapidly and displacing another invasive.

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