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The Department of Asian Languages and Literature offers a variety of graduate degree programs in literature and linguistics. The department ranks among the best in the country for graduate studies. Its reputation for rigorous scholarship and academic quality make it an excellent choice for the pursuit of a graduate degree.

Asian Studies Graduate Certificates. The Asian Studies Graduate Program offers seven Graduate Certificates that are open to all students of graduate standing who meet the admissions requirements. To obtain a certificate, students must complete five relevant courses (15 credits) and demonstrate basic competence in an Asian language.

Graduate Studies. The university offers an interdisciplinary program in East Asian Studies leading to the master of arts (M.A.) degree. Students who complete three years equivalent of Southeast and/or South Asia language study aboard or in other institutions may, with the support of an Asian Studies faculty advisor, construct a special concentration in Southeast and/or South Asian Studies.

A total of 11 graduate and upper division courses are required for the M.A. degree in Asian American Studies. Of the 11 courses, eight must be graduate level (200- or 500- series). The required course work is outlined below, and in the following PDF ma_progress_to_degree_revised_2016.