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Cobalt blue tarantulas inhabit the tropical rains forests of Southeast Asia, where they construct deep burrows, and generally only leave them to find food. Pets. The cobalt blue tarantula is a mainstay in the pet trade, despite being a fast and defensive tarantula with potent venom.Family: Theraphosidae.

The spiders of medical importance in Asia include widows and cupboard spiders (also called Brown House spiders or False Widows, family Theridiidae) which venom may contain neurotoxins responsible for serious systemic envenomation. Though not especially venomous, a number of Asian tarantulas can also be regarded as potentially dangerous. 1.

South East Asian Spiders Indonesian Jumping Spiders Salticidae Cytaea sp. TBC adult male Bali Island jumping spider Indonesia Spiders Indonesian Salticidae jumping spider feeding Buy The small genus Cytaea extends from the Andaman Islands east through South East Asia and south east to the eastern Pacific Islands and northern Australia.

Spiders can be found almost anywhere on Earth. However, some of the most dangerous and usual species have been found in Asia. From the large Chinese bird spider to the first spider ever found that has no eyes, these arachnids illustrate the diversity of life found on the Asian continent and among spider .