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Dec 27, 2016 · REP Band Products, the first non-latex resistive exercise bands, tubing and loops, set the standard by which all resistive exercise products are measured. New formula REP Band Resistive Exercise Products are designed to have characteristics that are virtually identical to latex bands, but without the danger of latex allergic reactions.4.5/5(7).

Cando® Non-Latex Tubing $35.95 - $61.95 For those who are allergic to latex, this is the perfect exercise tubing to help improve balance and functional ability injuries.

Looking to buy non-latex rubber stretch tubing, also known as Gooch stretch tubing online? This latex free foam tube strikes a good balance between cost and quality; available cut to length or by the foot. Call us for quantity discounts.

Latex Tubing. We make the latex tubing options to fit your exact specifications, including meeting FDA food grade requirements. We also extensively leach, wash and surface-treat our latex tubing to virtually undetectable protein levels (99.9% protein-free), helping to reduce allergen reactions.