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Statements such as "latex free" are not specific about the type of latex involved and can cause confusion. Not all types of latex are from natural rubber and contain the proteins responsible for.

Aug 04, 2019 · Latex-Free Organic Mattress. Just after I found a non-toxic and very reasonably priced mattress for a client, I was asked if I knew of any non-toxic mattresses that are free of latex, either synthetic or natural. This is such a good question that I thought Author: Irina Webb.

$450 in FREE Bedding with your latex mattress purchase! Organic Latex Pillows. GOLS Certified Arpico Organic Latex; Remains perfectly filled and fluffy It is handmade with 3 layers of the finest quality GOLS certified organic latex and a GOTS certified organic cotton cover with GOTS certified organic wool. It is also GreenGuard Gold 4.9/5(336).

Mar 13, 2013 · Since latex is found in so many products, latex-sensitive consumers have to trust labels. But the FDA’s warning highlights that products advertised as “latex-free” may not always live up to the claim. That’s because products that are made without latex can be contaminated with latex proteins during the manufacturing or packaging process.