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How do I put my taskbar back on bottom of screen? - Microsoft Community how to put taskbar on bottom of screen

Oct 02, 2019 · I need to know how do I put by taskbar back at the bottom of the screen. My task bar somehow was put to the side of the screen. Now when I go to open up a .

Jan 10, 2019 · Occasionally, the Windows taskbar can end up on either side (or even the top of) your screen. I'll show you how to move the taskbar bar back to the bottom. My taskbar’s on the right side of my screen. How do I move the taskbar back to the bottom where it belongs? A lot of people don’t realize it.

Right-click on an empty space on the Taskbar. Make sure that the Lock the taskbar option in the resulting context menu is unchecked and, therefore, disabled. Once, that’s done, you can go ahead and actually move the Taskbar back to the bottom of your screen.Here’s how you can go about doing so.

For years, the taskbar in Windows has always been positioned at the bottom of the screen. But, it doesn’t have to stay that way, you might prefer to have it at the top of the screen, or on the.