I cut my thumb nail - i cut through my thumb nail


Nail Bed Injury Types, Causes, and Treatments i cut through my thumb nail

Tonight while making dinner, I cut my thumb nail with my knife. It's not horrible, but it's not something to celebrate either because it's in a painful place. The knife cut through half the width of my fingernail. It's about a centimeter down from the top of the nail. It's not particularly deep, but it was bleeding through the break. I do think the knife hit the other side, but just barely.

A nail injury occurs when any part of your nail becomes injured. This includes the nail, nail bed (skin underneath the nail), cuticle (base of the nail), and the skin around the sides of the nail. An injury occurs when the nail is cut, torn, smashed, or bruised, or the nail is torn away from the skin.

Jul 11, 2018 · When your fingertip or your nail bed is pinched, crushed, or cut, it causes a nail bed injury. You’ll be able to see the cut through your nail. As it heals, you might have a large bruise.Author: Erica Hersh.

What Will Cut Through Nails or Screws? By Chris Deziel. SAVE; Sometimes the only way out of a tough situation is to cut through a fastener. Such situations happen when the head of a screw gets stripped, a nail gets bent or you manage to pull off its head with the claw of your hammer. If you want to cut through the shank of a screw or nail.