Labradoodle Dog Mistaken for Lion in Virginia, Prompts Flood of 911 Calls Video - ABC News - dog shaved to look like a lion


Dog shaved to look like lion prompts 911 call dog shaved to look like a lion

Jan 10, 2013 · A dog shaved to look like a lion prompted someone to call police in Norfolk, Va., earlier this week. On Tuesday morning, a 911 caller reported seeing a baby lion "walking down Colley Avenue Author: Dylan Stableford.

Charles, a labradoodle groomed to look like a lion, also goes by Charlie. He became a worldwide sensation a year ago when several people called 911 to report seeing a baby lion on the loose in Norfolk. Grooming our dogs is a necessity. But when things go crazy with your dog and you decide to give your dog a cool, awesome dog grooming styles.

Lassie of the jungle: This collie dog has had its hair shaved so it looks like a lion Collie is a herding dog that appeared for the first time in Scotland and Northern England but its existence is not limited to these areas or countries as.

Apr 15, 2015 · Dog groomer makes pooch look like a lion with this hilarious haircut. One pet owner was left in shock after bringing his dog back from the groomers to discover it had a whole new lookAuthor: Kara O'neill.