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Dec 07, 2015 · Several researches confirmed that the potential cause of unusually strong and unpleasant smell is related to the hormonal changes on women, associated with normal menopause, during which reduced estrogen levels cause vaginal tissue to thin and become less acidic. Many women undergoing menopause notice a smelly, watery discharge.

Vaginal odor????? spikeabike posted: I was wondering if anyone can tell me if they have experienced or are experiencing strong vaginal odors while going thru menopause, I take a shower every morning and the next day morning upon waking, I smell very bad down there. Some days I notice a slight odor when I go to the bathroom.

Causes of Vaginal Smell during Menopause. As ovarian hormone production winds down with the transition into perimenopause, decreased estrogen levels compromise the health of the vagina.This can lead to change in levels of healthy bacteria, pH, lubrication, and feminine odor during menopause.

In addition to an unpleasant odor, which can sometimes have a fishy smell to it, bacterial vaginosis can also cause a new-onset discharge. If you’re experiencing other symptoms with vaginal odor, such as new-onset painful intercourse or a burning sensation while urinating, see your gynecologist. Infections can be easily treated.