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Jan 12, 2018 · Vaginal cuts are often accompanied by feelings of discomfort — especially during urination — and minor bleeding. That said, it isn’t enough to Author: Kathryn Watson.

Check out yahoo groups vulvar disorders. Unexplained vaginal cuts or tears are more common then women or docs think. Some of the women believe it's a hormone imbalance causing them, though the imbalance can be hard to detect.

Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Rivera Jimenez on what causes cuts on the vagina: I would schedule a visitt for an exam and testing. Here are a few things to ask about. Herpes is a common infection that can appear like cuts. Yeast can cause cracks in the tissue that could be confused with cuts. Scratching can cause actual cuts.

Vulva and vaginal flesh is very delicate, but a vulvar and vaginal tear usually heals very quickly without intervention or leaving scars. Your healthy vaginal flora keep infections at bay by preventing nasties from entering the wound, so infection in minor vulvar or vaginal .