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A sex position is a position of the body that people use for sexual intercourse or other sexual activities.Sexual acts are generally described by the positions the participants adopt in order to perform those acts. Though sexual intercourse generally involves penetration of the body of one person by another, sex positions commonly involve penetrative or non-penetrative sexual activities.

Sixty-nine or 69, also known by its French name soixante-neuf (69), is a group of sex positions in which two people align themselves so that each person's mouth is near the other's genitals, each simultaneously performing oral sex on the other. The participants are thus mutually inverted like the numerals 6 and 9 in the number 69, hence the name. This position can involve any combination of .

It can be a challenge to perfect the woman in 69 position. It can, however, produce the most sexual stimulus during oral sex so it is a worthwhile act to perfect. In this short article you will learn how to prepare for the 69 position and the three.

Why try a new sex positions? If you’ve landed here, you’re probably looking for a new sex position. You’re not alone. In fact, people have been mixing things .