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I also love virgin cove - espically the selcluded fales. i totally agree go for the selcluded fales over the honeymoon, they are bigger and i feel on the best part of a beautiful beach.

hi donnell, well i love virgin cove, some pople love it, others it's not there thing. its beautiful and selcluded and so so pretty, i think it's magical. now with the fales go for the selcluded fales we love 10 / 11 or 12. but if you want your own enclosed fale they now have one with it's own bathroom etc. not sure of prices. we paid $125 tala per person night, with breakfast. the bathrooms.

Independent review for Virgin Cove Resort on Upolu Island in Samoa. Virgin Cove Resort Samoa is one of the best budget retreats in the South Pacific on an unbelievably fine white sand beach and carefully carved out of virgin rain forest on the south coast of Upolu.

We had a family holiday for 5 days at Reginas Beach Fales and we couldn't ask for nicer hosts. Altho ugh like all fales things are pretty basic, we appreciated the little touches like flowers and air fresheners in the toilets, the fresh water cooler and the family showing us their home as they prepared us an umu on Sunday. We got to see and swim with turtles in the lagoon, such a treat!2.7/5(2).