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virgin media vista broadband issue

I'd be grateful if anyone can guide me through this. It's been working for years so I don't know what the issue is. It's certainly a Virgin not connecting to windows thing, but as I'm a bit of a technophobe I need to be talked through this one. I can get my emails via Virgin media but it's a bit of a pain having to sign in everytime. Thank you.

Solved: After 19 years as an NTL/Virgin media customer I am incredibly disappointed with my Super Hub 3.0. It was installed in May and - 3166445.

Mar 20, 2017 · Before i contact Virgin Media about streaming content as some members may had similiar problems. The issue i have is when i watch streaming content say BBC iplayer the particular program starts ok then say about 10 minutes i see the familiar buffering animated icon .

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