How to Perform & Officiate a Wedding Ceremony - how to conduct a ceremony for same sex weddings


Same Sex Weddings how to conduct a ceremony for same sex weddings

Invocation (this is the beginning prayer or blessing/good wishes on this ceremony) Officiant: May you always need one another, not so much to fill the emptiness as to help each other know your fullness.

Jan 23, 2018 · These can be customised for a same-sex wedding. Step 1: Making the proposal (vara vinati) Elders or parents pay a visit to the parents of the spouse, offer them gifts and ask for the hand of their son or daughter in marriage for their son or daughter. This ritual establishes that marriage is not only a union of individuals but also of families.

In same sex ceremonies, there are a few ways you may want to approach this: Both partners walk up the aisle together or with the officiant. One partner walks first, escorted by one or both parents. The other partner and his or her family follows.Author: Kate Miller-Wilson.

Same Sex Wedding Ceremony. God does not make a love that is wrong. This is the union of two individuals in heart, body, mind, and spirit, Therefore, marriage is not to be entered into lightly, but reverently, honestly, and deliberately. And it is into this union that (Partner 1) .