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Sexy Poker 2006, the sequel to Sexy Poker 2004, is a strip poker game for mobile phones. It offers three game modes and six girls (with a different difficulty level) to play against. Initially, only one mode and one girl is available, the others need to be unlocked. You .

Mar 04, 2006 · Gameloft's Sexy Poker 2006 knows that sometimes the easiest way to a man's wallet is through his zipper, and has released an updated edition of its strip-tease 6.9/10.

Mar 15, 2006 · There's a hell of a lot of poker games available for cell phones, and thankfully, Gameloft's Sexy Poker 2006 differentiates itself from the competition. But there's nothing about it that screams BUY ME, so unless you're really into poker and/or fake women, this game is a solid pick up. What's Hot: Well drawn ladies and a quality game of pokerAuthor: Modojo Staff.

Description: Sexy Poker 2006, the sequel to best-seller Sexy Poker 2004, brings you an entirely new set of unique and sexy women that radiate personality and fun, inspired by famous celebrity sex symbols and today’s hottest sources of sexy content. Unlike other games on the market that offer only one woman, Sexy Poker 2006 offers high-quality images of six incredibly alluring women for six times the value .