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The flag of the United States Virgin Islands was adopted on May 17, 1921. It consists of a simplified version of the coat of arms of the United States between the letters V and I (for 'Virgin Islands'). The yellow-colored eagle holds a sprig of laurel in one talon, which symbolizes victory, and three blue arrows in the other (unlike the thirteen arrows in the US coat of arms), which represent Design: A simplified version of the coat of arms of .

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University of Virgin Islands. University of Virgin Islands at Brewer's Bay near Charlotte Amalie was established in 1986 (originally founded in 1963 as a College of Virgin Islands). In October last year there was a vote to select the flag of UVI out of 14 submitted designs. I couldn't find any info on which design was finally chosen.

US Virgin Islands Flag: The current flag of the U.S. Virgin Islands was officially adopted in 1921. As an unincorporated territory of the United States, the island's flag features parts of the U.S. seal. One eagle claw holds three arrows, representative of the three major islands, while the other claw holds an .