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The Negative Influence TV Has on Teens | How To Adult sexuality in teens affected by television

Brown and Newcomer 34 found that television viewing patterns differed by the sexual status of the adolescent (virgin versus sexually active), with sexually active teens viewing more television with a high level of sexual content. Determining whether exposure to sexual content encouraged sexual experimentation, or vice versa, was not possible.Cited by: 72.

In one American study of teens using computers, 61% reported “surfing the net” and 14% reported “seeing something they wouldn’t want their parents to know about”. Given the vast number of sexual messages on the Internet, it is clear that television is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to teens’ exposure to sexual messages.

In recent years, both concerned parents and teens themselves have wondered about the TV effect on teenagers. Some children find themselves being raised by a television and there are many studies analyzing how this can affect an adolescent when growing up. speculates that kids and teens watch nearly four hours of TV a day. One of the biggest resulting problems is the presence of Author: Tania Dworjan.

Oct 14, 2016 · Parenting» Building character, Emotional smarts, Health» Sexual behavior: what teens learn from media. Sexual behavior: what teens learn from media. If you don't talk to your kids about your own values and expectations about sex, the main input they'll get is from the media. Here are some guidelines to help you.